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I've been totally sucked into the show White Collar - the characters and Neal and Peter's relationship.  There's a great article found here that I think
sums up the relationship and show brilliantly.  Even if you don't know the show, I think you might still enjoy the story.  If you want to give it a try, there are a
few things that might be helpful to know that aren't mentioned in the above article:

The first part of the series picks up immediately after the next to last episode of the 1st season.  They're in Peter's office in the FBI Building.  Neal has
just finished a hard case in which he was temporarily assigned to a different agent, which didn't go well on several levels.  His tracking anklet had been
removed for the case and he bolts afterwards to meet up with a criminal friend (Alex[andra]) to plan a big heist.  He comes back to the FBI and Peter
several hours later, acting innocent and Peter lectures him about how he has choices - either keep 'doing good' and staying with the FBI or keep screwing
around, playing games and eventually ending up back in prison.  Peter leaves him in the office with the anklet off and Neal very torn over the planned heist and
staying with Peter.

The 1st Season finale ends with Neal pulling off the heist with Alex and his other friend - Moz.  Neal is sort of escaping via private plane from the FBI
(too complicated and irrelevant to explain here).  He says good-bye to everyone but Peter, who shows up at the airport asking Why.  Neal says that the
reason he didn't say good-bye to Peter is because the older man is the only one who could have made/convinced him stay (with the FBI, on the straight and
narrow, etc.).  The plane that Neal was to get on and that is carrying his girlfriend/”love of his life” - Kate -  explodes behind him, killing her.  In the show, it's
implied that Neal is in prison for 2 months after as the FBI, US Marshals and Police try to sort everything out.

I personally didn't see Peter actually allowing that to happen, so the 2nd part  (and majority of the series) is that fix.  Or, since his time in prison is just
implied could be considered a 'missing scene' :-)

Hope you enjoy it!     Dash
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