Title: Challenge - Time after Time
Author: Jenny
Pairing: O/C Rick/Andrew
Implements: Paddle
Warnings: I haven't written a story since University (a while ago)
so I'll apologize in advance for the many errors I'm sure it
contains. I love this song, I think it could inspire a great
discipline story ..... this isn't it.LOL

If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I'll be waiting
Time after time

*** **** **** ****

Andrew slumped dejectedly in one of the corners of the dining room,
his head resting in despair against the wall. Trying to ignore the
awful suspicion that Rick had forgotten he'd put him there and gone
to bed for the night. Finally, Andrew risked a quick glance over
his shoulder and sighed at the sight of his partner sitting at their
dining room table, engrossed in the papers spread in front of him.

Nervously Andrew bumped the toe of his boot against the wall until
it connected solidly, producing a loud thud, which was immediately
followed by the sound of a timer being reset.

"That was an accident," Andrew said firmly.

There was no response to his declaration of innocence. Unnerved by
the silence and frantically trying to keep himself from thinking
about *why* he was in the corner, Andrew muttered to himself. Soon
the words 'unreasonable bastard' became clearly audible in the quiet
room and once again the sound of a timer being reset was heard.

"No!" Andrew turned around and wailed, "I didn't mean it." But
Rick only made a circular motion with his hand, indicating that
Andrew should turn back towards his corner.

Groaning in frustration, Andrew obeyed. Alarming images from last
night kept popping, unbidden into his mind as his guilty conscience
tormented him. God knows how many of Rick's *laws* he'd broken,
Andrew fretted, thankful that at least he hadn't broken any *real*
ones. He searched his mind, fruitlessly, for mitigating
circumstances to lessen the seriousness of what he had done.

Desperate to escape from the situation and his own thoughts, Andrew
began to slide his feet in an almost imperceptible, sideways shuffle
towards the door and freedom. Halfway to his goal, Rick's
exasperated voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Andrew. Get back in that corner."

"No," crossing his arms over his chest, Andrew said defiantly, "I'm
tired. I've had enough of this standing around for one night."

Rick's eye widened with surprise but his tone was mild. "And I've
had quite enough of this too." Then, to Andrew's dismay, he stood
up and started toward the large desk in the opposite corner of the

Knowing all too well the implications behind that action Andrew
begged, "Wait, Rick. Listen, just listen to me."

Rick stopped in the middle of the room and waited.

"You can't expect me to stay there forever." Andrew waved
dramatically toward the corner and his own private hell.

"Forever!" Rick exclaimed incredulously. "I hardly think fifteen
minutes qualifies as *forever*."

"Well, it's hard..." Andrew's voice faltered.

"It is hard to think about what you did wrong."

Squirming with unease at the accuracy of Rick's remarks, Andrew
whined, "Noooo. I'm just tired. Can't we talk about it tomorrow?"

"No, we can't. You are due fifteen minutes of corner time and By
God that's exactly what's going to happen." Rick looked
meaningfully towards the corner and then at Andrew. Who remained
rooted to the spot.

"Last chance, Andy," he warned. But Andrew only stared mutely at
the floor.

Shaking his head sadly, Rick walked to the desk, opened the drawer
and retrieved the small maple paddle that was kept there. Andrew's
bottom burned fiercely just at the sight of the 'Angel Maker' that
Rick grasped in his hand. He had actually laughed the first time
Rick had showed it to him; the lettering on the thin wood had
actually seemed hilarious because Andrew was well aware his innocent
appearance concealed a far from angelic streak. Anyway, he hadn't
been laughing for long. Despite the cute name it was a serious
paddle and was capable of producing an intense sting. Andrew
couldn't help but notice the lettering was all but worn off from the
frequent contact with his bottom, for as immpressive as the Angel
Maker's powers were they were not, unfortunately, permanent.

Rick took the now trembling Andrew into his arms, giving him a
reassuring hug. Then he pinned him against his wide chest with his
strong left arm. A shiver of anticipation ran down Andrew's spine
as Rick's right hand, still holding the paddle, ghosted over his
bottom, checking to see if his pockets were empty. Twisting against
the restraint of Rick's arm, he pleaded, "Don't."

"You can't run from your mistakes, Andy," Rick said gently.

The paddle cracked down hard on the seat of his jeans a dozen times,
leaving Andrew gasping and squirming against Rick. He pressed his
face against Rick's shoulder and cried softly.

"Now, you're going to stand quietly in that corner and think about
what happened last night. Right?"

Yes, sir," Andrew sniffed.

"Good man." Rick gave him a hard hug and a gentle encouraging swat
towards the corner. Picking up the timer to reset it once again, he
hoped it was for the last time tonight.

The End