Pairing: Kyle/Ben
Implement: Hairbrush
Warning: None
Author: Jenny


"He's a prick!"


"A `First Class' Prick," he emphasized.

"I know. You're right."

Finally, in exasperation, Kyle spread his arms wide and
demanded, "If you agree with me, then why am I in trouble for
pointing that out?"

Ben lifted the lid of the humidor, taking his time choosing the
right cigar from the selection of hand-rolled treasures. He picked
one and held it out to Kyle, who impatiently shook his head at the
offer. Shrugging, Ben cut the cap off the cigar and stuck the
Montecristo into the corner of his own mouth. "Because," he
said around the thick cigar, "You were rude."

"Rude!" sputtered Kyle, pacing the large den, his indignation
obvious in his abrupt arm gestures. "Rude. That man invented the
word rude. I couldn't have possibly been as rude as him."

"Oh, you were," Ben assured him, leaning his hips on the
mahogany desk. He lit the cigar and drew deeply on it, his eyes
closing in pleasure at the smooth taste.

Kyle stilled his frenetic movements for a moment and flushed a
little at that statement. Maybe he had been a little . . . .
impolite. But, by God, that asshole deserved it. "Do you know
what he said to me? Do you?"

Ben raised an eyebrow, hardly begging to be enlightened yet again
but that didn't stop his angry lover.

"He implied that Doms were superior to subs," Kyle said
heatedly, and waited for Ben's reaction, expecting immediate

"Yes, so you told me," said Ben calmly. "Well, Greg said
he's known for being a pompous windbag."

"A pompous windbag with delusions of grandeur," Kyle spat.

"There's always that contingent that thinks because
they're a Dom they're somehow better." Ben said evenly.
"You've seen that attitude before, Kyle."

Kyle turned away, the alcohol in his system still fueling the anger
that had flared at the party. It had been a casual gathering, not a
play party but there had still been some informal cruising for play
partners. Kyle had deflected a few offers with no difficulties,
politely indicating he wasn't available. Most of the people at
the party were friends of Ben and Kyle and knew of their
exclusiveness so, despite his obvious appeal, there were few
approaches to deal with, until this persistent Dom wanted to play.

"He acted like I should be grateful he wanted me," Kyle said

"Hey," Ben said, his tone gentle. "He's an ass and
he was annoyed you turned him down. Some people don't do
rejection very well." He walked across the room to stand behind
his young partner, snaking a muscular arm around his waist and
pulling him back against his wide chest. Kyle could smell the
strong scent of the cigar and feel the heat of his lover through the
thin layers of their shirts. "And who wouldn't be
disappointed?" Ben purred into his ear. "Not to get to play
with perfection?" He ground his groin into Kyle's firm
backside, letting him feel the hardness there.

Kyle smiled at the method of reassurance Ben used. Maybe if he
worked this right he wouldn't be in any trouble at all. He
turned to face the other man, wrapping his arms tightly around the
trim waist, and lifting his face in an open invitation to a kiss.
Which he received in a chaste peck to his forehead.

Despite his evident arousal, his Dom displayed his usual self-
control, easing his partner away from him and directing the
conversation back to the matter at hand. "If he was being a pain
why didn't you tell him to talk to me? He would have asked my
permission for you to play and I would have told him no. It would
have taken two seconds to sort him out."

"I had him `sorted out'," insisted Kyle hotly.

But Ben was shaking his head, "You didn't, Kyle. You
offended him. That's not the way to deal with people like

Kyle could feel the hot flush of anger creeping up his cheeks. It
could have gotten really ugly if Ben hadn't heard the shouting
and hurried in from the garden. "I could have taken him,
easy," he said, his fists clenched tightly at his sides, his fury

Surprised at Kyle's uncharacteristic aggression, Ben studied him
for a moment. His sub was still young enough that he was sensitive
to any slights, real or imagined, to his manhood. Ben took his
lover into his arms again, waiting until he relaxed into the
embrace. "And what would that have proved?" he asked, his
voice soft with understanding. "That has nothing to do with
being a man. And neither does being submissive or dominant. You
know who you are Kyle. You always have. Don't let someone else
make you doubt yourself."

Softening against Ben's body, Kyle blinked back sudden tears,
"He just pissed me off."

"I know, but that's not a reason for nearly starting a fight
at Greg's party, is it?"

"No, sir."

Releasing him with a tight squeeze, Ben asked casually,
"What's your drink limit for an evening, Kyle?"

Startled at the change in the direction of conversation, Kyle
blinked stupidly at his partner. "What?"

"Your drink limit, sweetheart. What is it?" encouraged Ben.

His mouth suddenly dry, Kyle managed to stutter, "T..Two."

"That's right. Two," agreed Ben. "And why is

Well, because he tended to be a bit…'talkative' when
he'd had more than a couple of drinks, Kyle acknowledged. He had
a little trouble controlling his impulses to share things that were
probably best kept to himself. Like when he'd told Ben's
grandmother what he'd done for beads at Mardi Gras. Apparently
elderly ladies didn't appreciate stories about drunken public
nudity, even really funny ones. And most importantly, because the
tight check he kept on his temper tended to slip when he'd been
drinking. He huffed a little before answering, "Well, sometimes
I get a bit carried away when I've had too much to drink."

Nodding, Ben drew on the cigar, frowning at the failed attempt to
keep it alight. He picked up the gold lighter from the desk and
relit the stubborn cigar. "Right," he said simply.
"Your usual good judgment gets a bit waylaid. Doesn't

"Yes," Kyle grunted, his stomach tightening at the path this
discussion was veering down.

"So," Ben asked. "Exactly how much did you have to drink
this evening?"

Oh God how did he always know? Kyle lamented. Swallowing hard, he
started on a more convoluted tale, rather than a blunt lie.
"Well, I'm sure that was light beer. No more than two or
three percent? I could taste it was light beer," Kyle said
definitely. "So that doesn't really count."

"And the wine at dinner, Kyle? Was that three percent as
well?" Ben asked.

"You're not counting the wine, for God's sake," Kyle
said, rolling his eyes in apparent disbelief.

"You, young man, are in trouble, in case you've forgotten.
Adding disrespect to the list isn't going to help," Ben said
sternly, his voice hardening in real displeasure for the first time
that evening.

Kyle looked down, chastened; Ben had been surprisingly calm about
the heated argument that had broken out between Kyle and the other
man. The quarrel that was on the verge of blows had been instantly
smoothed over with Ben's appearance, the other Dom immediately
backing off when he realized Kyle was someone's partner. They
had left the party early but not before Ben had insisted Kyle
apologize for the disturbance to their friend who hosted the party.
The implication that Kyle would be disciplined was unspoken but
clearly understood and when Greg had hugged him goodbye he'd
given him a sympathetic pat to his bottom.

"I'm sorry."

"So, I'm still waiting for an answer," Ben said
implacably. How much did you have to drink?"

Kyle sighed heavily in defeat. Ben would never relent until he'd
gotten a straight answer. "Four, maybe five," he muttered.
Shoving his hands in his jean pockets, he rocked nervously on the
balls of his feet.

The silence that followed was incredibly long, at least to Kyle.
Finally, unable to stand the awkward quiet, he moaned
plaintively, "It was a really bad week at work."

"And that's an excuse for disobeying me?"

The effects of the alcohol were slowly wearing off and without it he
was becoming increasingly aware of how badly he'd behaved. So he
couldn't help trying to redirect some of the blame, "Well,
you weren't going to notice anyway," he said sulkily.

Ben's eyebrows lifted in astonishment at Kyle's argument,
"You mean to tell me that you drank so much because you thought I
was ignoring you? That this was another bid for my attention?"

Realizing he'd made a dire strategic error, Kyle backpedaled in a
hurry, "No, sir. I didn't mean that." The last time
he'd been soundly paddled for his confused attempt to win
Ben's attention. No way did he want Ben to think that he
hadn't been duly impressed by the spanking he'd received.

"You just thought since I wasn't paying close attention, you
could get away with drinking as much as you wanted," Ben surmised

That about summed up the situation and Kyle squirmed in his
partner's knowing gaze.

Ben sighed with regret, "It has been a long week, for both of us.
I was looking forward to playing tonight."

Kyle's heart sank, finally accepting that there was no way to
tempt his Dom into play rather than the warranted punishment. His
eyes filled with tears of self-pity. "But he was rude FIRST.
It's not fair that I'm in trouble and he's not."

"He's not my concern, is he? It's unfortunate he has to
go through life without proper manners but luckily for you, you
don't have that option." said Ben.

Kyle didn't feel too lucky at the moment but he managed to nod

"Go upstairs and have a shower, Kyle. I'll be up in a few
minutes," ordered Ben.

All of his previous anger had melted into apprehension, and Kyle
didn't move towards the stairs, just shuffled uneasily on the
spot. Seeing his misery, Ben encouraged him softly, "Go on,
sweetheart. I'm just going to finish my cigar."

Nodding, Kyle made his way up the stairs, his feet dragging
dejectedly on the plush carpet. Once in the bedroom he sank into
the armchair to mull over the evening. There really was no
justification for drinking more than his limit, or for how rude
he'd been to that man. And he HAD been rude. In truth far ruder
than the situation called for. Wishing he had another drink to dull
his sudden insight, he sat brooding until Ben came into the room.

"You're not showering," he scolded.

"I'm sorry," Kyle said, standing up to start dejectedly
removing his clothes. He thought with sad longing of the play
session that he'd been anticipating all week as he unbuttoned his
shirt. And he'd been so looking forward to tonight's party
and the rare chance to visit with other people that shared their
lifestyle. That he had only himself to blame for the evening ending
on such a sour note only added to his despair.

His heart heavy with regret, he stuffed his clothes into the hamper
and walked naked into the bathroom. Ben was leaning against the
marble vanity, waiting patiently for Kyle to appear. He
said, "Shower, Kyle. You have ten minutes."

"Yes, sir," said Kyle softly, stepping into the shower stall
and closing the clear door. As he started the water, he watched Ben
begin to strip off his own shirt. He washed his hair and soaped his
body thoroughly, keeping in mind his time limit. Rinsing off, his
eyes were fixed on his now naked lover. His cock instinctively
started to harden at the sight of Ben's beautiful body, the
muscular chest made even more impressive by its tapering to a narrow
waist. Another pang of regret hit him at the thought of what they
could have been doing that night. That Ben was effectively punished
as well by his behavior made it even worse.

Turning off the tap, he skimmed the excess water off his smooth
chest, angling his groin away from Ben's glance, not wanting to
give the impression he wasn't taking the situation seriously. He
stepped from the shower and took the towel Ben held out for him,
keeping his head down to avoid meeting his eyes. Restlessly he
drifted back into their bedroom as he dried himself.

Rubbing his short hair with the towel, he went to the dresser and
chose one of his partner's extra-large shirts to pull on, wanting
the comfort of wearing something of his. That the tee shirt was
long enough to fall below the curve of his backside was an added
bonus. He didn't bother donning any underwear, knowing it would
only be a temporary consolation.

With a vague idea of impressing Ben with his remorseful attitude, he
opened the drawer to retrieve the hairbrush, intending to be
standing in the corner, holding it when Ben came into the room. It
was ominously alone, as if no other objects wanted to share its
malevolent space. Kyle picked it up gingerly, the feel of it in
his hand enough to make his bottom clench. He fought back the
reflexive urge to cry, the association of the hairbrush and tears
strong in his mind. Unable to deal with the intense feelings of
guilt it stirred he put the brush back into its resting place and
slowly slid the drawer closed.

Now completely unnerved, he sat on the bed, wishing he'd resisted
that inexplicable urge to torment himself. He tried hard to think
of anything but the evening's events. The work problem that had
plagued him all week couldn't hold his attention and his thoughts
kept returning to his disobedience. He nervously smoothed the soft
blanket that covered their bed, trying to soothe himself but he
still started when Ben entered the room, a towel slung around his
waist. Powerless to take his eyes off of his partner, Kyle watched
his every move as he dressed in tee shirt and boxers.

Ben dropped his towel in the hamper and turned to fix Kyle with a
firm look, "Get the hairbrush."

"No," begged Kyle, not getting up from the bed, "I
didn't mean to drink that much. I just wasn't paying

But Ben wasn't buying that argument. "Kyle, you knew what
your limit was and you certainly knew when you'd crossed it."

Kyle still didn't move, except to shake his head, too ashamed of
his disobedience not to deny the truth of Ben's words. It was a
ridiculous stance, considering he had already admitted his offense.

"Kyle," said Ben in clear warning. "I'm waiting."

Not looking at his partner, Kyle did his best to simply tune out of
the uncomfortable situation. Recognizing a panic-stricken Kyle, Ben
didn't wait for him to wind himself up further, taking his arm
and steering him to stand in front of the drawer. "Get the
hairbrush," he repeated quietly.

"No," said Kyle, the tears in his eyes threatening to

Lifting the edge of Kyle's tee-shirt, Ben swatted the bared
bottom sharply.

"Ow," gasped Kyle. He danced from foot to foot anxiously but
didn't move to open the drawer.

"Kyle," said Ben firmly. "You are only making it worse
for yourself. Get the hairbrush."

Starting to cry in frustration, Kyle tried to pull away from
Ben's grip. Instead Ben pulled him closer, bracing him against
his hip and delivered several hard swats. He righted Kyle and
placed him directly in front of the drawer. "Now, Kyle."

With a shaking hand, Kyle reached out to open the drawer and
tentatively took out the punishment implement. Ben held out his
hand and Kyle sniffed back tears as he placed the hairbrush in the
large palm. Turning Kyle towards the high bed, he positioned him so
his chest rested on the mattress, his bottom at a perfect height for
chastisement. He tucked the shirt well out of the way, leaving
Kyle's rounded backside naked and defenseless.

"You don't disobey me," Ben said calmly. "You
don't say no to me or argue about a punishment you have

"I'm sorry," said Kyle, tearfully. "I just feel
really bad. I embarrassed you at the party. I'm a horrible
sub…" his voice rose in agitation as he listed his sins.

"Stop," ordered Ben. "You didn't embarrass me and
you are an amazing partner. But you did disobey me and I am going
to punish you."

Kyle took a deep breath, focusing on Ben's words. Somewhat
reassured, he nodded in acceptance and twisted his hands in the
blanket, waiting.

Ben placed a hand on Kyle's lower back, anchoring him and brought
the brush down with a solid smack on the tender flesh of his right
thigh. Alternating sides he paddled his sub's upper thighs,
eliciting high pitched yelps of distress as Kyle squirmed, trying to
escape the intense stinging sensation. He loathed the formality of
this position and having this sensitive part of his body punished.

Ben stopped after only a dozen swats. Kyle lay breathing hard, the
back of his legs on fire.

"Now we're going to sit down and discuss your behavior
tonight. Without all the dramatics. There is no need to make a
catastrophe out of everything. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," moaned Kyle, standing up and looking uncertainly
at his partner. That wasn't much of a spanking, considering what
he'd done. He sighed with relief when Ben pulled him into a hug
and let him cling for a moment for reassurance.

Taking his hand, Ben led him to the couch where Kyle perched on the
edge, not wanting his smarting thighs to make contact with the
surface but Ben tugged him back to sit squarely beside him.

"Why did you disobey me, Kyle?"

"It was a party. I just wanted to have a good time," Kyle
pleaded, wiping his wet eyes with the back of his hand.

"Are you having a good time now?" demanded Ben.

Looking down at his lap, Kyle said miserably, "No."

"No, neither am I," Ben answered grimly. "The idea of a
limit is to make sure you DO have a good time. Every time you drink
too much it ends badly. Doesn't it?"

"Yes," conceded Kyle grudgingly. "But it was a hard week
at work…" he trailed off, knowing the coming lecture off by

Ben shook his head, "That's a terrible reason for drinking
too much, Kyle. Which you well know. Alcohol isn't going to make
your ability to deal with stress any better, is it?"


"No," confirmed Ben. "You are one of the most sensible
people I know, Kyle. Except when you've had too much to
drink." He said firmly, "Well, since you seem to have so much
trouble obeying your limit we have a new rule. You're not to
any alcohol that I haven't given you."

"What?" asked Kyle blankly.

"I mean, every drink you have, whether we're at home or out,
comes from my hand."

Oh Jesus, thought Kyle, regretting his overindulgence more all the
time, how embarrassing would that be at a party? "But.." he
started to protest.

"But nothing" Ben interrupted sternly. "If you
hadn't been drinking you would have talked to that man without
nearly provoking a brawl and you and I would have had a good laugh
about it afterwards. He may have been arrogant but you handled that
situation very badly."

His throat tight with remorseful tears, Kyle nodded in agreement.
He HAD handled it badly.

"Consider yourself short-leashed."

Kyle looked up in shock, searching his Dom's face for signs that
he was joking.

"I know it's been quite a while so I'll refresh your
memory," he said dryly. "Home and work. That's it.
When we're at home you ask permission before you do anything."

"I..I…." Kyle sputtered uselessly. The overwhelming
feeling of being taken in hand provoked such conflicting feelings of
relief and rebellion he couldn't find the words to express

"You knew the purpose behind your drink limit but you chose to
ignore it. If you need to practice obedience, we can do that,

Not quite able to stifle the moan of objection, Kyle was pinned with
a forbidding look. His pleading eyes were met with a pair of
determined blue ones.

"You could just spank me some more instead?" suggested Kyle
tentatively, as much as he didn't want to be spanked, the idea of
being held to such strict limits was more daunting."

"Could I?" asked Ben serenely, rising from the couch.
"Well, I'll keep that in mind if I ever ask for your input on
a punishment. Come on. It's late, let's go to bed."

"I've got a hundred things to do this weekend,"
complained Kyle. "This is going to be impossible."

"What exactly do you have to do?" asked Ben, his tone very

"I'm meeting Jay for coffee and then we're going to the
gym. And I want to finish that layout for work," insisted Kyle,
suddenly wishing Ben had just given him his usual thorough spanking
and been done with it.

Ben shook his head, "No, Kyle. I think you were right when you
wanted more time together. We'll be spending tomorrow
reinforcing the importance of obedience. You have been having far
too much difficulty with that lately."

"I'm sorry," Kyle said, ashamed that Ben would need to
correct his attitude.

Reaching out, Ben lifted Kyle's chin, "You made a mistake
Kyle. I know you're sorry and it won't happen again."

"It won't. I promise," said Kyle fervently.

"All right, sweetheart, I believe you."

"I can still go to work for a bit though, right?" pressed
Kyle as the two men got into bed.

Ben manfully resisted groaning out loud, it was shaping up to be an
extremely long weekend and he briefly flirted with the idea of
commuting Kyle's sentence but he knew it would be
shortsighted. "No, Kyle. We're spending the day together
tomorrow. No work, no friends, just us," he said firmly.

"But," started Kyle but was interrupted when his partner
turned him onto his front, lifted the tee shirt and delivered two
hard swats to his naked bottom.

"Enough, Kyle," said Ben, his own voice taking on a desperate
edge. "You're supposed to be reflecting on the meaning of

"Yes, sir," Kyle said sadly, pulling the covers up and
turning away from Ben. He rubbed his stinging backside and gave a
pathetic sniffle.

Unable to withstand the soft sounds of remorse, Ben reached out and
pulled his subdued partner close. Settling him securely against
his side, he kissed him firmly on the top of his head and said,
"Go to sleep, Kyle. I love you."

"I love you too," sniffed Kyle, wriggling closer to the warm
body beside him and willed himself not to think about tomorrow.

The End