Pairing: Kyle/Ben
Implement: Hairbrush
Warning: Mention of S/M relationship
Author: Jenny

Kyle woke to the sound of a familiar baritone softly singing along
to the radio. Smiling, he turned over to watch his half-dressed
partner with drowsy appreciation for a moment before beginning to
drift off again. Ben's deep voice drew him back into
consciousness, "Kyle? Are you awake? Do you know where a pair of
suspenders is? I have a black-tie dinner tonight and I can't
find any damn suspenders for my tuxedo."

Blinking up at Ben's slightly hassled face, Kyle shook his head,
too sleepy to be able to give the question much consideration. He
rolled onto his back, stretching his strong limbs towards the
corners of their four poster bed, savoring the faint stiffness in
his muscles and the memory of last night. Half-asleep, he reached
out to touch one of the restraints still attached to the frame of
the antique bed, his morning erection twitching.

"Since you're awake…..," Ben grinned, pulling the
covers off his lover, who groaned in protest, to quickly run his
eyes and hands over the front of Kyle's body before flipping him
over to do the same to his backside. He rubbed gently at a small
reddened area on his back, making sure it wasn't going to bruise.
Not that Kyle would care. He would have been more than happy to
have a souvenir but Ben drew the line at any play that would mark
him for more than a few hours. He caressed his lover's
appealing bottom before spreading the rounded cheeks to check for
any damage; Kyle squirmed, chuckling at the intimate inspection,
knowing he was fine, as always. Ben was a careful and skilled
Dom. Bending to plant a playful kiss on one firm cheek, Ben
declared him fit. With the tempting picture his young partner
presented, he was regretting arranging this early meeting but lately
there never seemed to be enough hours in the day. Their play
session last night had been a rare luxury.

Reluctantly he covered temptation with the comforter and returned to
his hunt for his suspenders. Still only partly dressed, he went to
the walk-in closet that housed the two men's extensive wardrobe
and began to search the shelves that filled one wall. Kyle, now
fully awake, looked at the clock and moaned, "It's five
thirty. Why are you up so early?"

"Breakfast meeting," Ben replied absently as he riffled
through the contents of the shelves. "And I won't be home
after work tonight. I'll change at the office and go straight to
the dinner."

An empty sadness settled in Kyle's stomach at the thought of
another long evening spent on his own, knowing it was useless
accompanying him to the dinner, where Ben would be focused on
business, not him. He let himself be distracted from his
disappointment by the sight of Ben's impressive bare chest,
watching through half-closed eyes as he moved a chair to the closet
to stand on it to reach the highest shelf. .. . . Where the toys
were kept! His stomach lurching at the implications of that, Kyle
sat up abruptly in the bed, "What are you doing?" he asked in

Turning to glance over his shoulder at the other man, Ben said
patiently, "Looking for suspenders. Go back to sleep,

"No, no, I'm awake," insisted Kyle as he threw back the
covers and leapt out of bed. "Let me help you. You go have
breakfast and I'll find them."

"I'm going to a *breakfast* meeting, Kyle," Ben shook his
head with amusement.

"Well, go shave or something," ordered Kyle. His heart
hammered wildly in his chest thinking of what his partner would find
in their collection of toys. Their care was Kyle's
responsibility and he had assumed it would be safe from discovery on
the high shelf.

"Excuse me?" asked Ben politely, looking at Kyle with raised
eyebrows. "Do you tell me what to do?"

"No, sir," said Kyle, rewording what he wanted to say more
respectfully. "I'm sorry. I can look for them if you want to
finish getting ready." He took hold of the chair that the other
man had stepped down from and scrambled onto it, immediately
beginning to rummage through a stack of neatly folded sweaters.

"Kyle, get down. You're going to freeze and I'll have an
easier time finding them than you."

Well, yes, considering he was naked and several inches shorter than
his tall partner, this made perfect sense but Kyle couldn't
afford to let him find what was on the top shelf. Ignoring the
order, he continued to frantically search through the neatly
arranged closet.

"Kyle!" Ben said sharply, swatting the naked rump in front of
him soundly. Placing his large hands on the other man's waist,
he lifted him down to the floor. "Go back to bed. Now!"

There was no arguing with that tone and Kyle returned to bed,
rubbing at the tingling spot on his right cheek. "You're
going to be late," he tried, getting under the covers again,
careful to keep the desperation out of his voice. "I can look and
I'll call you if I find them."

Ben resumed his search for the elusive suspenders, shaking his
head, "I'm not coming all the way back to the house."

"Well, just send Dawn out to buy a new pair today." Ben's
assistant seemed to live to cater to his every whim anyway, Kyle
thought resentfully. God knows she saw a lot more of Ben than he

"We already have several pair, I'm sure I can find one of
them somewhere. And Dawn has better things to do with her time,"
he said, shooting him a meaningful glance.

Groaning quietly in despair, Kyle turned on his side and huddled
under the down comforter, unable to risk further argument without
arousing Ben's suspicions. Shivering with a combination of
apprehension and cold, he listened intently to the muffled sounds
from the closet. When he heard the soft noise of Ben's feet on
the carpet approaching the bed, he held his breath and waited,
paralyzed with dread. The thump of something landing on the pillow
beside his head made Kyle start but he kept his eyes shut,
ridiculously feigning sleep. Smelling the unmistakable scent of
leather, he knew he'd been found out and he felt the sting of
tears behind his closed eyelids.

"Kyle," Ben said firmly. "Sit up and explain this to me."

Unwillingly Kyle turned and sat up but kept his eyes fixed on the
comforter. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"I didn't ask if you were sorry. I said to explain this to

Glancing at his partner, Kyle could see the disappointment and anger
playing out on the strong features and his voice failed him. He hid
his face in his hands, buried in his shame.

"All right, young man, if that's the way you want it,"
Ben said sternly, turning to the nearby dresser and opening the
drawer. "You can just stand here for a bit and think about what
you're going to tell me."

Kyle's stomach turned over at the sight of the hairbrush his
partner pulled out. It was frankly and deliberately ugly, the
bristles had been removed and the wood was worn and an unpleasant
color. Although the implement resembled a small paddle it held no
erotic appeal for Kyle at all; it was irrevocably associated in his
mind with punishment, not pleasure.

"No, please," begged Kyle, even as Ben took his arm, gently
pulling him off the bed to lead him to a corner of the bedroom. But
he clutched the hairbrush obediently when it was placed in his hands
and he turned without protest to face the corner he was led to.
Even though Ben brought him a T-shirt to keep him from being
chilled, he still shivered as he stood, marveling at his own
stupidity. There was no way for his mind to happily wander down a
different path when he was holding that damn piece of wood, which
Ben knew very well and he could feel the knot of guilt tighten in
his gut.

The sound of running water and the quiet splashing noises of Ben
shaving could be heard from the adjoining bathroom. Kyle clasped
the brush in his sweating hands, fighting tears, wishing he was back
in bed and out of trouble. He pulled restlessly at the back of the
shirt, trying to cover his suddenly vulnerable bottom, regretting
his impulse purchase more with each passing minute.

Ben only kept him waiting a short time, knowing how unnerved his
partner was by time in the corner. Kyle glanced over his shoulder
to see him settle on the couch in the sitting area of their
bedroom. Flipping open his cell phone, Ben rearranged his meeting
to a later time, grateful for the advantages of being the boss. He
summoned his errant partner to him with a stern, "Come here."

Kyle fought his natural instinct to argue or to just turn and run,
half-naked out of the house. While submission was an effortless joy
for him during play, submission to a punishment was a struggle, hard
fought and fragile. He haltingly crossed the room to his partner to
hand him the hairbrush. Ben patted the cushion of the couch beside
him but with a soft moan, Kyle sank to his knees at his
feet. "Kyle," Ben said in gentle reproach but he remained in
position. Sighing, Ben reached out to raise the miserable young
man's chin, not relenting until Kyle lifted his head and made eye
contact. "Explain why you disobeyed me," he said quietly.

The blunt words spoken aloud made Kyle drop his eyes; deliberate
disobedience was something that they rarely had to deal with.
Knowing he had defied his partner made him tremble with shame,
feeling he had failed his part of their relationship. Seeing his
deep distress, Ben pulled him closer, pressing his head to rest
against his thigh and stroking his short hair. After a moment of
wordless comfort, Kyle found the courage to speak, "I just wanted
to have it," he said softly.

"Why?" demanded Ben. "The one and only toy I ever denied
you? Were you hoping to manipulate me into playing with it?"

Kyle shook his head hard, "No, I didn't buy it thinking that,
I swear," he said earnestly.

"Did you want to play with someone else?" asked Ben bluntly.
It was a question that hurt him deeply to even consider but it had
to be asked.

"NO!" gasped Kyle, burying his face against his Ben's
leg, clutching at his calves. Feeling the warm wetness of tears
soaking into his suit pants, Ben soothingly rubbed the back of his
distraught partner's neck. He let his breath out in a frustrated
sigh, trying to understand why Kyle would purposely defy him and
then leave the evidence were it was quite likely to be found. There
were far better hiding places in their spacious house.

"I don't understand, Kyle," Ben confessed, keeping his
voice soft. "Buying something I told you not to and then keeping
it, knowing you weren't going to use it." But the other man
didn't answer, just shook his head again, now actively sobbing
and hiding his face in Ben's lap. Realizing that his partner was
only getting more upset, Ben tried a different tactic, hardening his
voice he asked brusquely, "What did I say when you asked to buy

When Kyle didn't answer, Ben pulled the crying man up and over
his lap. As soon as he was over his knees he landed two solid
swats, one to each cheek. "What did I say?" Again when there
was no reply, his hand came down, hard on each side.

"You said no," Kyle finally choked out.

"I did. And you know better than to disobey me." He saw
Kyle's small nod of agreement. "So why did you do it?"

Kyle's refusal to answer was, in part, defiance but Ben had a
feeling that his partner didn't fully understand his own actions
either. "So you just thought you'd disobey me for no
reason?" Ben asked. Kyle had now perversely quit crying and
remained locked in stubborn silence so Ben shifted him on his lap
to a better position and picked up the hairbrush. "Fine, you
know what you can expect when you disobey me." He paused a
moment to give Kyle a chance to answer before bringing the brush
down firmly on the under curve of his bottom.

An involuntary gasp escaped from Kyle's mouth. With no warm up,
the sting of the brush on his cool bottom was intense. It was
rapidly followed by an equally hard stroke to the other cheek and
Kyle hissed at the burning pain. He tried to contain his reactions
and stoically endure the thorough spanking but Ben didn't stop
until he was kicking and twisting against his will. Putting the
brush down and resting his hand on Kyle's sore bottom, Ben asked
gently, "Ready to talk?"

Panting, Kyle tried to hold onto his defiance but the fiery pain
from his bottom was making it difficult. Why HAD he bought that
damn thing anyway? He had asked for it on a whim, not a need or
even a real desire. He'd been angry when Ben said no, not
because he couldn't possess it but because of Ben's
preoccupation with his work. If Ben was going to be gone all the
time, what right did he have to tell him what to do? That he'd
left it such a poor hiding place spoke of his conflict, alternately
dreading and needing Ben to assert his authority.

"Okay," Ben said implacably. "Your choice." He
lifted his partner forward, raising his own right knee to
elevate Kyle's bottom and began to deliver a hard hand-spanking.
Already sore from the paddling, Kyle only lasted a few solid swats
before he threw his hand back for protection, wailing, "NO!
I'm sorry." His resistance abruptly crumbled and he burst
into noisy sobs.

Immediately Ben turned him to sit on his lap, in spite of Kyle's
squirming as his seared skin contacted the wool dress pants. He
cupped the hot bottom in his hands, and Kyle burrowed into his
chest, crying too hard to speak coherently. They sat together for a
long time until Kyle's sobs had subsided enough that Ben could
understand what he was saying.

"I'm sorry," he hiccupped repeatedly.

"All right," said Ben. "I've heard enough apologies.
I want an explanation now."

Shifting to a more comfortable position, Kyle sighed, his breath
catching, "I just thought it would be hot," he said lamely.

"But you know very well I won't play that hard and you've
always accepted that," said Ben, still confused by Kyle's
actions. "And more importantly I said no."

"Yes, sir," Kyle said, the resentment creeping into his voice.

"I think you wanted to tell me something," Ben said gently.
"I'm listening."

But Kyle shook his head adamantly, his red-rimmed eyes begging Ben
to let it go. To demand Ben's presence at home instead of work,
would make him seem self-centered and spoiled.

"I've had enough of this," Ben said firmly, starting to
turn his obstinate partner over his knee again.

"No!" protested Kyle as he clutched onto Ben's solid
shoulders. "I was mad…" He started but choked on the words.

"Why were you mad? Because I said no?"

Kyle shook his head again. "I was mad …because you're
not here. You're always at work. I miss you." He started
to cry again, his sadness evident in his quiet sobs.

Ben didn't interrupt his partner to defend himself, just held him
close, letting him have his say.

"I'm sorry," Kyle said when he had quieted again, ashamed
of his open need. "I know how important your work is to you.
I'm being selfish."

"You're not being selfish," said Ben firmly.
"You've got every right to ask me for attention. I wish it
had been in a more direct way." His eyes held a glint of humor
and he got a small embarrassed smile back from his partner.
"I'm the one who's been selfish. I should have been paying
attention to how you were feeling. That's my responsibility. I'm

Kyle gave a shrug, wiping his wet face on his shirt, "I should
have told you. I just didn't know how."

Ben kissed his lover's hot forehead, wiping the rest of the tears
from his flushed face with his thumb. He felt a pang of guilt at
Kyle's obvious unhappiness, he knew his partner's need for
his attention very well, whether he was able to ask for it or not.
"I'm sorry," he said sincerely. "I promise I'll
find a way for us to spend more time together. And I hope you'll
find a better way to tell me when you need something. There are a
lot more enjoyable ways for me to give you attention."

Kyle nodded contentedly, trusting that Ben would make it right. He
gave an exhausted moan and rested his head against Ben's
shoulder. "I'm tired," he confessed.

"I'm not surprised," Ben said ruefully. "I'll
call your office and tell them you won't be in until later."

Kyle lifted his head to protest, "I've got a meeting this

"Which will be rescheduled," Ben said coolly.

Shaking his head, Kyle objected, "No, I'm fine."

Sighing regretfully, Ben turned Kyle over his lap again, carefully
arranging him to his satisfaction. "You've forgotten who's in
charge," he said without rancor. He landed two resounding swats
to the reddened bottom which prompted an immediate contrite wail
from Kyle, his angry stoicism from earlier long gone.

"Are we clear on who's making the decisions?"

"Yes, sir," Kyle sniffled.

"Good. Let's go back to bed. I want to hold you for a
while." He lifted Kyle to his feet, stripping off his sodden
shirt and stood to take off his own rumpled pants, leaving him in
just his boxers. Taking his still tearful partner's hand, he led
him to the bed where he picked up Kyle's illicit acquisition,
turning it over in his hands thoughtfully.

The secret in the closet had been nothing but a source of niggling
stress to Kyle, its eroticism spoiled by the guilt associated with
it. Now, a small hope stirred in him, Ben hadn't said outright
that he couldn't keep the item. "Do I get to keep it?"
he said, his voice rising in optimism.

"Do I reward disobedience?" asked Ben simply.

"No, sir," Kyle said sadly, knowing very well he didn't.

"No, you don't get to keep it. You'll get rid of it
today." His trust that Kyle would obey was implicit.

Kyle nodded in surprisingly easy acceptance; acknowledging that
buying it had been far more about wanting Ben's attention than
actually wanting the implement. Ben lay on his back on the soft bed
and opened his arms. Gratefully Kyle sank into them, laying his
head on his partner's solid chest. Reaching down, Ben stroked
the still warm bottom, "I love you," he said, kissing Kyle

"I love you too," answered Kyle, his voice unsteady with
exhaustion and emotion.

"Go to sleep."

"Yes, sir."

The End