Pairing: Kyle/Ben
Implement: Hand, hairbrush
Warning: There is a fair bit of kink in this story that might
possibly be offensive to some. The sexual control aspect would be
pretty natural in a BDSM relationship, it's accepted and
consensual. I guess I want to emphasize that Kyle wants this and
could stop it at any time with his safeword. An erotic enema is
given; it may be disturbing to some people. It's fairly pornographic
in places, what can I say.LOL
Author: Jenny

Kyle's hand strayed to his groin as he slowly awoke. His cock,
half-erect already, hardened further under his lazy strokes. He had
purposefully denied himself any release this week, knowing it would
make their scheduled play session that much more intense. Losing
last night's play meant that his balls were full and aching
slightly and he stroked faster in his eagerness to come. Suddenly
his hand was encircled by a larger one, stilling its movement. So
close to coming, Kyle's moaned in frustration and tried to free
his hand before he recalled the previous night's conversation. He
flushed, remembering he should have asked permission.

"May I finish?" he asked, unable to hide the annoyance in his


"Why?" Kyle demanded incredulously.

"Because I said no."

"Please," Kyle ground out through his tightly gritted teeth.


Frustrated, Kyle thumped his head against the pillow.
"Fuck," he muttered quietly, but not quietly enough.
Releasing his hold on Kyle's cock, Ben pushed back the covers and
hooked a hand under his knee, turning him onto his side and
delivered a powerful smack to his bare flank. Kyle swore again,
this time in response to the intense sting. This earned him an
equally hard swat to exactly the same place.

Ben locked eyes with his contrary sub, "It is going to be a very
long day, Kyle if you keep up this attitude," he warned him

Not able to keep eye contact for more than a few seconds, Kyle
looked away and said softly, "Yes, sir." He knew he was
being stubborn; that it was his insolence that prompted Ben to deny
him his release.

"I'm going to shower," said Ben, swinging his legs over
the side of the bed and pointing to the carpet. "You can kneel
here and think about how you want the day to go."

Reluctantly, Kyle got out of bed to kneel by the side of the bed;
bowing his head and tried to concentrate on the importance of
obedience. An unfamiliar restlessness had settled in him though and
he shifted position almost constantly instead of relaxing as he
normally would have. For a brief moment he even considered
finishing jerking off but his hand gingerly touched the still
tingling spot Ben had swatted and he reconsidered, knowing that
stinging sensation would increase a hundredth fold with a real
spanking. He could hear the shower running in the adjoining
bathroom and he sighed heavily, trying hard to rid himself of his
obstinate attitude before it landed him in trouble again.

But when Ben re-entered the room after his shower the first words
out of Kyle's mouth were an irritable, "I have to pee."

Ignoring Kyle's bad-tempered demand, Ben dried himself and
dressed in jeans and sweater. Fuming, Kyle watched, accepting that
Ben wasn't motivated by any sense of urgency but he certainly
was. All the beer he drank last night had filtered through his
kidneys and had filled his bladder. He acknowledged he was his own
worst enemy, all he had to do was ask permission but the words
seemed to stick in his throat and he waited in discomfort while Ben
made the bed. Finally, his need overrode his belligerence and he
asked, "May I use the bathroom, sir?"

"Yes," answered Ben absently, continuing to straighten the

His face flaming with resentment, Kyle stood up and went into the
bathroom to relieve his aching bladder. When he finished he took
several deep breaths, trying to calm himself, knowing Ben was making
a point in obedience today. And he wasn't asking anything
unreasonable, respect and obedience were benchmarks of their
relationship, it was how it worked, how they both wanted it to work
and Kyle was mystified by his own present inability to be either
respectful or obedient.

However, when Ben came into the bathroom Kyle managed to offer a
tentative smile and asked, "May I shower, sir?"

"In a few minutes," Ben said easily, returning the smile and
reached into a cupboard to begin removing some supplies.

Kyle's eyes widened when he realized what Ben was doing.
"I..I can do it myself, in the shower, sir" he protested.
While Ben occasionally gave him an erotic enema, often in
preparation of a play session, it was far more common for him to
simply use the special attachment that was in their shower.


Even knowing this wasn't punishment, but for his pleasure,
Kyle's eyes stung with tears. Surrendering to an enema was a
powerful expression of submission and trust. There was no question
about who was dominant in that situation. Kyle knew he was being
tested and his stomach tightened with anxiety at his uncertainty
that he could comply. Watching Ben casually prepare the bag with
warm water and salt, Kyle trembled with doubt. When his Dom folded
a thick towel, laid it on the floor and gestured to Kyle to take his
place, his face twisted and he begged plaintively, "Please, sir.
I don't want to."

Ben crossed his arms over his chest and leaned his hips against the
vanity to patiently wait. While he was pushing Kyle's trust
issue by giving an enema today, this was really Kyle's struggle
with himself, he knew from long experience that Ben would never harm
him, he needed to remember that and find his ability to trust.

After a few moments, Kyle hesitantly made his way across the room to
kneel on the towel and laid his head on his folded arms, leaving his
bottom exposed and vulnerable. Kneeling beside his partner, Ben
stroked his warm hand over his back until he felt the tense muscles
relax under his attention. "I'm sorry," whispered Kyle,
that he hadn't obeyed at once.

"You're all right," Ben assured him, his hand moving to
stroke the side of Kyle's face.

Kyle blinked back the tears that filled his eyes. When Ben gently
moved his legs further apart, he didn't resist, settling into
proper position.

Ben delicately traced the cleft of his bottom with a finger coated
with warm oil, circling his opening when he reached it. Kyle
groaned with pleasure when he was gently breached, spreading his
legs wider instinctively to encourage deeper penetration. Pouring a
generous amount of the warmed oil over Kyle's bottom, Ben
gradually opened him with gentle thrusts of his finger. A muted
protest escaped from Kyle's lips when Ben withdrew but he sighed
with renewed pleasure when his balls were grasped and rolled
carefully. He barely stopped the hand that started to move
automatically to grasp his cock, which was once again hard and Kyle
wished for restraints to make it easier to obey.

He felt the rounded tip of the large nozzle at his opening and he
moved forward reflexively but Ben held his hips still. Twisting the
tip and applying firm pressure Ben slowly slid the hard nozzle into
Kyle. Moaning, Kyle now thrust his hips back to impale himself
further. When the nozzle was fully seated, Ben asked him
quietly, "All right?"

Breathing hard, Kyle nodded in agreement, unable to trust his
voice. He felt Ben's possessive touch, keeping the nozzle in
place and then he heard the distinctive click a moment before he
felt the warm water start to fill him. He groaned uncontrollably
again at the warmth and pressure of the water that was progressively
emptying into him. Arching his back, he rocked slightly to ease the
beginning of a cramp. Seeing this Ben clamped the hose and stopped
the flow. Reaching under Kyle, he firmly massaged his distended
stomach, easing the slight spasm. Encircling Kyle's weeping
erection he stroked it firmly a few times. "Please," gasped
Kyle desperately, his discomfort forgotten, but the teasing hand was
already gone.

When the bag was empty, Ben maneuvered Kyle to lie on his back and
bent to capture a nipple in his mouth, biting firmly enough to
elicit a gasp from his sub. Then he moved to kiss him deeply, his
tongue roughly exploring Kyle's mouth. Kyle panted with
excitement as the erotic sensations overwhelmed him and he thrust
his hips upwards involuntarily, his cock seeking contact. Finally,
his lover took his straining erection into his hand and stroked it
determinedly until Kyle came. The spasms of his orgasm shook his
body as he cried out loudly in release. Gradually his glazed eyes
cleared and he focused on his Dom's loving face. Ben bent to
kiss him, softly this time and then he grinned, "Worth waiting

"Oh yeah, thank you," breathed Kyle. "But may I go

"Of course," said Ben, quickly removing the nozzle and
helping the still, shaky Kyle to his feet. He left the room for
Kyle to relieve himself in private. "Go ahead and shower,"
he called through the closed door.

Relaxed and sated, Kyle enjoyed his long shower and dressed in jeans
and tee-shirt before going to find Ben. The enticing smells of
breakfast cooking lured Kyle to the kitchen. A copper frying pan
was on the range, ready for making omelets and the strong odor of
coffee permeated the room. Slightly embarrassed about his previous
attitude, Kyle hesitated in the doorway. But Ben spread his arms
wide in invitation and Kyle hurried across the large room to bury
himself against his partner's chest. Gently Ben stroked his
strong hands over Kyle's hair, down his back and finally to his
bottom where he cupped the rounded cheeks in his hands. He kneaded
them firmly, seeking out his partner's mouth to kiss him deeply
once again.

Placing his hand on Kyle's shoulder, he applied pressure,
indicating he wanted his sub to kneel. Obediently Kyle knelt and
began to nuzzle his Dom's hardness through the material of his
jeans, his hands on Ben's hips to steady himself. When Ben
began to unzip his pants, Kyle eagerly helped, releasing the
impressive cock and balls. He tongued the shaft before taking Ben
into his mouth. Expertly he sucked him until he was rewarded with
Ben's sounds of pleasure. Knowing the other man was close, he
took him deeper, down his throat and within a moment Ben was coming,
shooting into Kyle's mouth. Ben ran his hands through Kyle's
hair in a caress of thanks before drawing him to his feet. The two
men embraced for a moment before Ben gave him a gentle push towards
the stove, "I'll have a ham and cheese omelet, please."

"Yes, sir," grinned Kyle, happier than he'd been in
weeks. He rushed to finish making the breakfast Ben had started
after serving coffee to his Dom, who was sitting at the table
reading the paper.

They sat for a long time, even after the breakfast dishes had been
cleared away, working their way through the three papers they
subscribed to, until finally Kyle asked, "What are we doing

"I thought we'd go for a run later, maybe this evening when
it's cooler."

Which left, in essence, the rest of the day to account for, thought
Kyle, some of his restiveness returning, "I just need a few hours
to finish that layout," he said cautiously.

"No, Kyle," Ben said firmly. "I've already said no
work today."

"It needs to be done for Monday," insisted Kyle crossly.
"Do you want me to be fired?"

"Respect," Ben reminded him quietly.

The one word was all it took to prompt an immediate apology,
"I'm sorry, sir."

"Bring it to me," ordered Ben. "I'll have a look at

Normally Kyle would have been pleased to have his partner look at
the work, he always added valuable insight and advice, but today all
it did was stir Kyle's resentment. And guilt. The project
wasn't due for another three weeks, there was no urgent need for
the work to be completed, Kyle just wanted to wrest some semblance
of control back from his Dom.

It wasn't until the project proposal was in Ben's hands that
Kyle's resentment turned to trepidation. There on the front
cover was the project's due date.

"My, how time seems to fly," said Ben dryly. "I had no
idea it was the 15th on Monday."

"They changed the date. . .," Kyle started to protest before
his pathetic attempt at a second lie was halted by the dangerous
look on his partner's face. He flushed bright red and
whispered," I'm sorry," to the tabletop.

"Is lying to me acceptable, Kyle?" asked Ben, his voice
deceptively soft.

"No. No, sir," said Kyle, the tears in his eyes already
overflowing. "It isn't."

After the brief but enthusiastic application of the hairbrush to his
bottom, Kyle was tucked back into bed, despite his sorrowful
protests. Ben had stayed with him until his crying abated, rubbing
his back until the tears had dried up but when he got up to leave,
Kyle reached out to clutch his shirt. "Please, stay," he
begged. "I won't be upset, I swear."

"No, Kyle," Ben said gently, knowing right now, his sub
needed time alone to calm himself, that he wouldn't settle in his
presence. "You lie here and think for a while. I'll be back

Kyle burst into fresh tears at being left but as soon as Ben was out
of hearing, his cries subsided quickly into whimpers. By the
time his partner returned to release him from his confinement, Kyle
was calm and he eagerly took the hand Ben held out to him.

"Come on, brat," said Ben affectionately. "The game is
on TV."

Kyle cuddled as close as possible to Ben on the couch, not bothering
to really watch the game as all, just reveling in the nearness of
his Dom. Realizing he was thirsty, he asked Ben, "May I get a
drink, sir?"

Smiling at the change in his sub's attitude, Ben said, "Of
course, Kyle. Can you get me a Coke, please?"

"Sure," agreed Kyle, getting up from the couch to go to the
adjacent kitchen. He opened the fridge, fully intending to grab the
requested soft drink, but instead found his hand inexplicably
holding a can of beer. His mouth watered at the thought of the cold
liquid but a small alarm was going off in his head, reminding him of
the previous night's edict. But it was as if he was watching
himself in a movie, first pulling on the can's tab, cracking open
the beer and then lifting it to his lips to gulp the bitter drink.


Whirling around towards the door and gasping in shock at the same
time, Kyle ended up inhaling half the can of beer. He rushed to the
sink, where the fluid ran back out, exiting through his
nose. "Ben," he wailed in protest when he could breathe

Ben went to a drawer to retrieve a dishtowel, handing it to his
partner. Kyle wet the cloth and cleaned the beer from his dripping
face before nervously risking a glance at Ben. Who tapped the beer
can Kyle had thumped down on the counter, "What's the
rule?" he asked.

Twisting the cloth in his hands, Kyle offered tentatively, "Never
buy domestic beer?"

"Kyle!" Ben said sharply.

"I'm not to have any alcohol you haven't given me,"
he admitted with a sigh. He groaned in despair when Ben held out a
hand for him to take. But his partner just snapped his fingers at
him and he trudged over to take the proffered hand.

"I'm sorry," he wailed pitifully. "I don't even
know what I'm doing."

Leading him to the couch in the living room, Ben answered matter-of-
factly, "You're pushing me, Kyle. You've been doing it
for weeks now." The look of abject horror on his sub's face,
prompted him to draw him into his lap rather than over it. Kyle was
a deeply submissive man, the thought of challenging his Dom, whether
purposeful or not, was profoundly distressing to him. "Kyle.
Sweetheart," he soothed. "It's all right." Ben took
a deep breath and explained, "I think maybe, when I wasn't
paying enough attention to you, you lost some trust in me. Trust
that I would meet your needs. And now you're pushing to make
sure that I am paying attention. That I deserve your trust," he
added a bit sadly.

If anything Kyle looked even more miserable. "I'm sorry."

"It's all right," Ben reassured him. "If that's
what you need to feel safe again, push away. I'm not going to
budge," he grinned and Kyle had to nod in agreement, Ben was
never the least bit swayed by any type of manipulation. "I'm
not angry, sweetheart. And I'm not going anywhere. The only
casualty will be your bottom, I promise."

Even as he rested against Ben's wide chest, Kyle sighed,
obviously unhappy with himself. Knowing he hadn't completed
reassured his sub, Ben asked, "Do I expect you to be perfect in
your submission?"

"No," answered Kyle softly.

"That's something you put on yourself, sweetheart. I
don't expect perfection. I expect that you will do your best to
be obedient and if you aren't I will punish you. Fair

Kyle nodded in relief. It was true; he expected a level of
submission from himself far greater than Ben ever did. The past few
weeks of defiance had been a wide deviation from his usual compliant
behavior. And Ben was still here, firmly setting him back on course
every time. "I'll get the hairbrush," he offered

"No," said Ben. "I'm sure my hand will get the
message across."

Kyle stood between Ben's knees, on unsteady legs, "Kyle,"
Ben reproached him mildly. Looking down, Kyle saw he was tightly
gripping his Dom's hands as they tried to undo his jeans. He
snatched them away as if they had been scalded. "Sorry," he
sniffled, embarrassed at his unconscious resistance.

Ben smoothly drew Kyle over his knees. "Why am I punishing you,

"Disobedience," Kyle managed to choke out before starting to
cry in earnest. To him, it was the worst transgression he could

Ben rubbed his hand over Kyle's bottom, it was still pink from
his earlier punishment and he was glad he decided to only use his
hand. It was a short, not especially hard spanking but since Kyle
was already sore and upset he was sobbing freely by the end.
Sensing how exhausted Kyle was, Ben didn't send him back to bed,
cuddling him on the couch instead; knowing his energy for any
further protesting was limited.

When he woke, Kyle's head was pillowed on Ben's thigh. He
sat up to stretch his stiff muscles, rolling his neck to ease the
kinks out.

"All right?" Ben asked.

"Yeah," answered Kyle after a moment's consideration.
"I'm good." And it was true, that persistent agitation
he'd felt for the last few weeks had subsided to a large extent.
He smiled widely and said again, "I'm good."

Ben laughed at his sub's open relief, "I'm glad. Do you
feel up to going out for supper?"

Kyle hesitated, not feeling quite ready to face the world just yet,
but still wanting to please Ben.

"How about we order in?" suggested Ben, seeing the
uncertainty on his partner's face.

"That would be great," said Kyle happily.

"Would you like a scotch?" asked Ben, getting up from the
couch to stretch his own cramped muscles.

Kyle was momentarily flustered, remembering the trouble he'd just
been in. "No,…yes. I'm not sure," he finally

Ben filled two scotch glasses with the single-malt whiskey they both
loved and handed one to Kyle without comment. The pleasant burn of
the liquid as it moved down his throat made Kyle sputter a little.
Ben grinned at him and lifted his glass in a toast, "To us."

"To us," echoed Kyle, touching his glass to his partner's
before leaning towards him, in open invitation to a kiss.

The End