Pairing:  Rob/Thane

Warning:  None

Implement:  Paddle


Separation Anxiety


Glancing at my watch for the second time in the past ten minutes, I carefully noted the time.  Due at Thane’s place at six, I was going to have to leave now if I didn’t want to be late.  And I didn’t want to be late.


Gotta go,” I said cheerfully to my friends as I threw a twenty on the table to help cover the bar tab.  Only sipping a Coke for once, knowing I had to make the long drive out to his place, it would more than pay my share.


It was a Friday afternoon ritual, meeting this group of friends for a drink while we decided how to spend the all-important first night of the weekend.  But they’d be partying without me again tonight. 


One of them smirked at me and taunted, “Look at you grinning, you smug bastard.  He must be well hung, whoever he is.”


“Oh, he is,” I assured him as I pushed my chair back from the table to stand.  “Have fun.”


“We will,” they chorused.   While I knew they were all curious about who could make me consistently pass up a chance to go clubbing with them, I wasn’t about to fill them in.  Vanilla to the core, all of them.  None of them shared my taste for hanging out at The Detour.  In fact, a couple of them had tried to dissuade me from frequenting the S&M club and I’d stopped confiding of my nights spent there.  They didn’t need to know the well-endowed guy I was so eager to meet was my Dom.


I jangled the car keys in my hand as I walked down the sidewalk, not even trying to hide the wide smile on my face.  Let everyone on the street wonder what I had to be so happy about.  When I reached my car I smiled even wider; the warm spring evening was perfect for a drive.  Settling behind the wheel of the Ferrari I pressed the button to lower the convertible’s roof and turned the ignition, the motor roaring to life.  I loved this car, a present from my parents on my last birthday, although Thane hadn’t seemed overly impressed when I’d showed it off to him one night.  Not disapproving of the fast car so much but of the fact I’d been handed it, I think.


Keeping one hand on the gear shift and the other on the wheel, I weaved through the heavy traffic until I was on the outskirts of the city.  Letting the powerful car out now that the traffic had thinned, my heart was hammering in anticipation of seeing Thane.  And of the play session he’d throatily promised me on the phone last night.  I took my hand off the gear shift to rearrange myself in my tight jeans; my cock already half-hard.


The road to his isolated house was deserted and I let the car out even further, savoring the feeling of freedom the speed gave me.  The long driveway to his house is well hidden by trees and I realized a split second too late that I had almost missed it.  Thumping my foot down on the clutch, I tried to gear down to make the tight corner.  The tires squealed as they slid on the loose gravel of the road, my hands gripping the steering wheel as I fought unsuccessfully for control.  Sliding sideways into the ditch the low-slung car flipped completely over before coming to rest on its wheels again.  I sat in the rocking car, my hands still clutching the wheel.  A moment later I could see Thane running down the driveway towards me.  Such a big man, like a boulder set in motion, I had a crazy image of him being unable to stop and barreling right through the windshield.


But when he reached the car he conventionally wrenched open the door and demanded, “Rob, are you all right?”


“Yes,” I answered shakily.  “I think so.”


He reached over me to undo the seatbelt and shut off the engine.  Then he gently pried my hands off the wheel.  “Come on,” he coaxed.  I swung my legs out of the car and stood up but my legs were trembling too much to carry me far.  Helping me to sit on the grass of the ditch, he sat down beside me, keeping his arm around me.  “Anything hurt?” he asked quietly.  When I shook my head he persisted, “Are you sure, Rob?”


“Yes, just shook up,” I answered between chattering teeth.  The roll bar had done its job and beyond being rattled I was unscathed.


“We’ll just sit here for a minute then,” he said matter-of-factly.


I let him pull me close and I rested my head on his shoulder, comforted by his tight hold on me.  After a few minutes I was able to lift my head and say, “I’m okay.  Can we go up to the house?” 


He kept his arm around me as we walked slowly to the house and I was grateful, still feeling much shaken.  As soon as we were inside, he steered me to the living room and an overstuffed armchair.  “Here,” he ordered softly.  “Sit here and I’ll get you a drink.”


So I sat there, while he poured me a drink and wrapped an afghan around me.  “Where do you want your car taken?” he asked me, the phone in his hand.  I gave him the name of a garage I knew, unfortunately rather too well, and he phoned for a tow truck.


Gradually I stopped trembling.  When the tow truck came and hauled away my beloved car, Thane and I went out to watch.  The damage actually didn’t look too bad but I knew from experience that superficial appearance didn’t mean much.  After, we ate the dinner he’d made, it was hot and appetizing and distracted by his conversation I almost forgot about my car. 


“Come on,” he said, holding out a hand in invitation.   “Let’s have a bath.”


It seemed a strange suggestion but I willingly took his hand and followed him to the bathroom.  An enormous Jacuzzi tub dominated the room and Thane started the water, knowing it would take a while to fill.  He began to slowly strip off my clothes, stopping to suck and gently bite my exposed skin at regular intervals.  By the time the tub was ready and I was naked, I was fully hard and my breaths came in short pants.  Quickly stripping off his own clothes he stepped into the bath and settled with his back against the end of the marble tub.  Gesturing for me to sit in front of him, I happily obliged.


The water was deep and hot and I sighed contentedly when I leaned back against Thane’s broad chest.  The last bit of tension slid away as the steaming water engulfed me.  His large hands roamed over my chest and shoulders, rubbing and soothing the muscles, tight from the accident.  Eventually they wandered lower and his hand loosely encircled my hard cock.  The warm water, his stroking hand, his deep voice in my ear, all sent me into a state of bliss and I came with a prolonged shudder.  When I stopped gasping, I tried to return his attention but he wouldn’t let me and I was too heavy-eyed to insist.  Prodded and nudged until I finally got up out of the cooling water, I swayed unsteadily until he reached out and grabbed my arm. 


“Come on, boy, you’re half-asleep,” he laughed, wrapping me in a soft towel.  “Bed for you.”


So I was tucked up into bed, his hands massaging my back as I drifted inexorably toward sleep.


When I woke in the morning I was surprised to find the stiffness in my muscles from the accident was minimal.   Thane watched me carefully as I stretched and he asked, “Sore?”


“No,” I said quickly, hoping he wasn’t going to postpone our play session today too.  “I feel great.”


“Good,” he said.  “Come and have breakfast when you’re done in the bathroom.”


I rushed through a shower, wanting to prove I was back to normal and joined him in the kitchen.  The comforting smell of coffee brewing greeted me.  Thane gave me a small smile when he saw me and nodded towards a chair at the table.  Setting down a cup of coffee in front of me, he said, “We need to talk about your accident, Rob.”


I frowned, what was there to talk about?  Pretty self-explanatory as far as I could see.  I missed the corner, hit the ditch and flipped the car.


“What happened?” he asked as he pulled out a chair to sit beside me.


“The trees,” I explained patiently.  “I couldn’t see the driveway very well.  I almost missed it.  My tires slid on the gravel.”  Grinning at him, I summed it up, “Game over.”


“How fast were you going?”


A small current of warning went through me and even though I knew it was closer to 140, I said vaguely, “Oh I don’t know, about 120?”


“The speed limit on that road is 80, Rob.” 


He looked so somber, my feeling of uneasiness grew but I couldn’t help but snort derisively, “Yeah, right, like I’m going to do 80 in that car.”


Thane’s features hardened at my words and I squirmed in my chair, “That’s not what I meant.” I tried to backpedal, “It’s just hard not to let her out.  Why have a car like that if you’re going to go slow?”


“If you’re going to have a car like that, Rob you need to be responsible,” he said gravely. 


I huffed a bit at that statement.  Who was he to tell me how I should drive? But I began to worry as he sat there studying me in silence, remembering the past punishment he had meted out and unable to stand the tension I blurted out, “Are you going to spank me?”


“No,” he said quietly.  “I’m not.”


I breathed out a sigh of relief but the feeling didn’t last long.


“I am going to punish you though, Rob.  You need to change your attitude about that car before you cause a tragedy, to yourself or someone else.”


 “What are you going to do?” I asked nervously.  If he wasn’t going to spank me it was obviously something more severe. 


“Until the car is repaired, we don’t see each other.”


Gaping at him in surprise, I asked incredulously, “That’s it?  That’s my punishment?”


“Yes.  How long do you think the car repairs will take?”


Still numb with disbelief at the leniency of the punishment, I answered without thinking, “Last time it took about a week.”


“Last time,’ he said sharply.  “Have you had an accident before, Rob?”


 I looked down at my untouched coffee, unable to answer his question.




“Yes, sir,” I said reluctantly, remembering the paddling I received for lying to him.


“How many?” he demanded, his suspicions aroused.


“Some of them weren’t my fault,” I protested weakly.  “Really.”


“How many?”  he growled.


“Three,” I admitted unwillingly, it really was a horrific number of accidents to have had in a year.


“Three!” he thundered in amazement.  “How in God’s name do you afford the insurance?”


My parents paid that, part of my present.  I wasn’t even sure how much it came to now.  Undoubtedly some astronomical sum.


He sat there looking at me thoughtfully while I fidgeted in embarrassment. 


“And Rob?  You don’t come until you see me again.”


“Yes, sir,” I agreed.  This second part of the punishment barely registered at the time.


“I’ll drive you back home now,” he announced as he got to his feet.


“Yes, sir,” I said, thinking regretfully of my missed play session.


Back at my own place, the apartment was too quiet so I called a friend and we went for lunch.  I was sorely tempted to fill him in on what was going on but the urge to complain vied with the difficulty explaining what I was whining about.  My Dom won’t let me see him or come until my car is fixed.  How weird was that?


The first day I was still so upset that I didn’t feel the loss of my ‘privileges’. But the second day was harder, everything about it was harder and I made a quick call to the garage to check to see how the repairs were going.  At least a week, they reported and my heart sank.  I found myself longing to have taken a spanking instead of this long drawn out torture.  As if I had any say in the matter.


The third day I phoned the garage again.  I couldn’t help it but they were used to men inordinately attached to their sports cars and were polite.  I went for a long run and finished up with a cold shower.  My cock was in a permanent state of readiness and my balls were beginning to ache, a mild, persistent discomfort just simmering below the surface.


The fourth day was hell.   I almost forgot about my need to come in the misery that was Tuesday.  The insurance company had informed my parents, being the policy holders, of my accident and they came around to visit that evening.  They both kissed me when they arrived and we indulged in idle family gossip for a few minutes, lulling me into a false sense of security, before they went for the jugular.  They were ‘worried’ about me.  Perhaps they had made a mistake in buying me such a powerful car. 


“I’ve learned my lesson this time,” I said, smiling confidently at them both.


But they shook their heads sadly and said they’d both agreed, they were no longer picking up the tab for the insurance.


“Well,” I huffed.  “I’ll just pay it myself from now on.”


“Rob,” my Dad warned me.  “I think I’d better tell you how much it is.”


I almost fainted when he told me.  My head literally swam with disbelief and when he clarified that that was for six months, not the year; I knew my ownership of the Spider was doomed without their help.


“Please, Dad,” I begged, panic overtaking my pride.  “I can’t afford that.  I’ll have to sell the car.”


“No, Robbie,” he said, shaking his head.  “I’m not changing my mind this time.”


I tried, I damn well tried.  I pulled out all the stops and I easily worked up a few tears at the thought of my precious car being gone.  My Mom dabbed at her own wet eyes and shot covert pleading looks at my father but he shook his head resolutely.  I’d never seen that look from him directed at me before and it rattled me. We never fought, my parents and I, we all got along beautifully because they basically went along with whatever I wanted.  It had never been consciously acknowledged but we all knew it.  Or at least, we used to.


After they’d gone, feeling abandoned and not a little bit alarmed at my inability to manipulate the situation, I was overcome with a need to talk to Thane.  How much I missed him alarmed me further.  If I was this dependent on him now, after only a couple of weeks, what was I going to be like in a few months?  I lay on the bed, my longing for him a physical ache that overrode the throbbing of my balls.  I must have drifted off at some point and when I woke I was grinding myself against the mattress, lost in a post orgasmic haze.  Lying there panting, I gradually became aware of the warm stickiness at the front of my boxers.  Alternately mortified I’d had a wet dream like a horny teenager and horrified that I’d inadvertently disobeyed Thane, I lay stricken on the bed.  Thoughts of what Thane would say raced through my mind, hopefully he wouldn’t extend the time we had to spend apart.   That possibility was so distressing it propelled me out of bed and to the shower to wash the shameful evidence away, as if I could erase what I’d done.


It was now the middle of the night and I went back to bed to try to sleep.  But tormented by my unintentional disobedience, sleep didn’t come for a long time.  The phone woke me in the morning and half-asleep, I made a dazed grab for the receiver.  Thane’s voice had me instantly awake, sitting bolt upright in bed, my heart pounding like a jackhammer.  He knew.  He was like some omnipresent deity that could see my every move.  I stammered out an incoherent greeting which only confirmed that something was wrong.


“Rob?  Are you all right?  You sound….odd,” he questioned me.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” I gasped out, my voice rising high with anxiety.  “It was an accident.”


“What was?” Thane asked sharply.  “Have you had an accident with the loaner car, Rob?”


“No,” I said more rationally now that I realized he didn’t possess some mystical power.  I couldn’t get the words out though to confess.  Part of it was the shame of having so little self-control and part of it was worry that he’d prolong my punishment.


“What is it?”


I could hear the worry in his voice too and undone by the kindness I blurted out the truth.  And waited, unable to breathe, as I listened for his response.


He was silent for a moment and then said, “Oh Rob, sweetheart, I should have thought of that possibility.” 


“I’m sorry,” I said, even if he didn’t sound mad I had disobeyed him, however unintentionally.


“Do I punish you unfairly, Rob?” he asked, sensing my unspoken fear.


“No, sir,” I said slowly.  He wouldn’t, I trusted him.


“Did you mean to come?”


“No!” My God, this was embarrassing.  There was something about discussing my loss of control that made me burn with humiliation, although Thane’s tone was completely matter-of-fact. 


“Then why would I punish you for something you had no control over?”


I blew out a shaky breath.  He wouldn’t, it was that simple.  “Can I see you today?  Please, sir,” I asked.  “I really want to see you.”


“I want to see you too, Rob,” he assured me.  “But not until the car is fixed.  That is your punishment.”


I never would have believed this short period of exile would have such a profound effect on me.  I could feel my eyes filling and I thought briefly of just giving in to the compulsion to cry in the hopes that my obvious misery would change his mind.  But I knew that such patent manipulation wouldn’t sway him.  “Please,” I begged instead.  “I’ll take whatever you think I deserve, a spanking, a paddling…”


He interrupted my frantic pleading, “Stop, Rob.  You will respect the punishment I decided on.  Without complaint.”


I could hear the absolute certainty in his voice.  I was beginning to understand why he had set this particular penalty, giving me a taste of what it felt like to be denied someone’s presence.   Making me realize how much I was risking in driving so carelessly.  I swallowed down my pleas and said sadly, “Yes, sir.”


“I’ll see you as soon as the car is fixed,” Thane said quietly and said good-bye, hanging up as soon as I reciprocated.


I phoned the garage twice that day, hoping each time they’d miraculously have my car finished.  I’d lost all sense of perspective, my need to see Thane overruling any sane thought.   Somehow I made it through my work day although I don’t remember much about what I actually did that whole week.   I missed the sex and our play but even more my body seemed to crave the physical affection Thane always gave so freely.  There was a whole other aspect to our relationship that I hadn’t acknowledged to myself.  I stopped denying that I needed him so badly.  I did and I couldn’t seem to retreat from that truth.


The garage phoned me the next day and announced with considerable relief that my car repairs were finished.  I think they rushed it through just so they didn’t have to talk to me any more.  But I didn’t care about the reason, only that it meant I could see Thane.  I drove to the garage, my heart giving little leaps of excitement at the thought of seeing him soon. The mechanic went over the repairs with me, telling me what they’d done this time to put her back together again.  “If you ever want to sell her, just let me know,” he unexpectedly offered.  “I know someone who’d be interested.  They’d give you a great price.”


Considering what I’d put that car through, I’d be lucky to sell it for anywhere near market value.  And suddenly the car didn’t seem so important.  I couldn’t afford the insurance for one thing and its powerful engine offered me a temptation that I knew I couldn’t resist.  I liked the speed and whatever I promised myself I wouldn’t be able to withstand that pull.  I ran my hand lovingly over the sleek hood of the car, took a deep breath and told him to make arrangements for the person to see her.  I had my suspicions that the guy had already come around for a look at the car because he was there in record time, and once we’d agreed on the price, was back with a certified cheque in his hand, obviously having made some prior arrangement with his bank.  Handing the keys over, I kept swallowing hard, wondering if I was making a huge mistake but it also felt ‘right’.  I knew, deep down, that I’d made a good decision. 


I took a taxi home, my attention focused entirely on seeing Thane.  As soon as I was in the door, I phoned him to tell him the good news.  He didn’t seem especially pleased when I told him about selling the car although I could tell he was as eager as I was for him to pick me up. 


I basically threw myself into his arms when he came to the door.  The relief was overwhelming.  We just stood in the entryway of my apartment, him rocking me slightly in silence for the longest time.  The whole way out to his place though, I talked non-stop, about my miserable week, selling the car, anything and everything that I’d wanted to tell him all that week.  He just nodded, an indulgent smile on his face, accepting that I wasn’t going to shut up any time soon.


As soon as we were at his house though, he took over, directing me immediately to the playroom.   By the time we staggered out a couple of hours later, we’d made up for the whole week of deprivation. 


But by the next day I was starting to second-guess my decision about the car.  I loved that car.  The reality of it being gone was beginning to sink in.  Hard.  I paced Thane’s house with a growing restlessness.  I wanted to blow off steam and I wanted a target for my bad temper.  The trouble with trying to provoke a fight with Thane was he had such a tight control of his emotions.  I was rude, deliberately and he warned me, bluntly that I was going to get a spanking if I didn’t stop but he didn’t seem angry, just slightly puzzled by my behavior.   I couldn’t seem to stop myself, I pushed, way too hard and suddenly I found being ordered to fetch the paddle from the playroom.   I hadn’t counted on that at all.  Thane had only paddled me once and I’d hated it. 


I don’t know what I was thinking.  Just that I didn’t want to be paddled I guess, especially with my bad mood festering just below the surface.  So I selected a flogger, my favorite implement, and delivered it with a big smile and an open invitation on my face. 


Thane took it from my hand, running his fingers through the strands and looked at me.  I knew that look; he was taking my measure, calculating what was going on.  “What is this?” he asked softly.


My smile slipped a bit; obviously he wasn’t going to be easily tempted into play.  I shrugged, my mood a volatile combination of anger and apprehension now.


“Don’t think you can work me, boy.” 


I shivered involuntarily; there was a promise in those quiet words of something unpleasant coming my way. 


“Go and get the paddle,” he ordered, each word carefully enunciated, in case I was hard of hearing instead of just disobedient.


This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go.  I didn’t want to be punished.  I had wanted to argue, to vent some of my spleen on him.  I wasn’t particularly proud of that fact but there it was.  The speed of the situation moving from bad to worse was dizzying and I didn’t know how to slow it down.


When I didn’t move, he took hold of my arm with one hand and the other came down, hard, on the seat of my jeans.  It stung, unbelievably all the way through the denim and I jumped.  It was followed by several more, just as hard. 


“Go and get the paddle.”  His words were repeated in the same even tone but now my eyes were wet and my bottom was smarting as I moved towards the stairs again.


Down in the playroom, I quickly located the paddle he’d used on me before.  As if I could ever forget.   It took all my courage to pick it up and I slowly made my way up the stairs.  Thane took it from my hand and asked, “What’s wrong, Rob?”


I shook my head, avoiding his eyes.  How could I rationalize wanting to pick a fight with him? 


“All right,” he said, grasping my elbow to lead me to a corner of the living room.  “Stand here quietly and think.  I expect an explanation.”


He pressed gently on the back of my head, guiding me into position.  As soon as he removed his hand though, I reared back and turned, glaring at him for daring to put me there.  His hand, large and warm, on my arm stopped me from going far.


“Have you ever stood in the corner before, Rob?” he asked.


As if!  I was breathing hard, regretting everything; selling the car, deliberately baiting Thane, being born.  “I want to lie down.”  My bravado was slipping, it came out close to a whine and I could feel my bottom lip tremble. 


“No,” said Thane.  “Right now you’re going to stand here and think about why you were rude to me.  Then I’m going to paddle you and you can lie down.”


Again he positioned me in the corner, quietly instructing me about his rules that governed this particular punishment.  This time he didn’t remove his hands, keeping one on the back of my neck and the other on the outside of my hip as he spoke quietly in my ear.  He waited patiently until I gave a deep sigh and gave in to the inevitability of standing there until he released me.


As soon as he realized I wasn’t going anywhere, Thane went back to his armchair and I heard the rustle of the newspaper as he picked it up.  I groaned out loud, how long was he going to keep me here?


“Quiet,” he said firmly and I let my head, heavy with self-pitying thoughts, rest against the wall.


“Stand up straight,” he demanded and I half-heartedly lifted my head to comply. 


It wasn’t good enough, I knew that and I wasn’t really surprised when Thane stood up and crossed the room.  I still yelped in shock when his hand scorched its way across my backside though.


“Stand up straight, hands at your sides and be quiet,” he repeated.


“I can’t,” I said through gritted teeth, starting to come apart at the seams.


“You can and you will,” he said, his deep voice resonating with resolve.


I lasted maybe two minutes; for sure it wasn’t any more than that.  He’d barely settled back into his chair with his paper when I spoke again.  I’m not good at quiet.  I’m a talker; I like to fill silences, awkward or otherwise.  Doesn’t particularly matter what I fill them with, meaningless drivel more often than not, I suppose.  But the ‘be quiet’ part of this punishment, I was certainly finding difficult.


“Thane?”  I ventured.  It was like poking at a badger to see what was going to happen.  Knowing it was something not good.  Definitely not good but the compulsion was irresistible.  My discomfort at being isolated from him was stronger than my trepidation of what Thane’s reaction would be.


“Quiet, Rob,” he murmured absently.


That he was engrossed in an article was obvious to me.  I was upset and here he was ignoring me?  Outraged, I kicked the wall.  It was one of those incredibly immature acts that as a bona-fide adult, brings instantaneous and deep shame when your head clears and you realize what you’ve done.  But a kicked wall is something that you can’t really take back.  Or ignore.


I was ready for him this time, my hands already plastered to my backside in self-defense.  “Sorry,” I pleaded as he grasped one my wrists, removing my protection from my right cheek.  It soon bore the full brunt of retribution for my ill-advised kick.


I rubbed energetically, trying to take the sting out.  By the time he actually got to the paddling, I was already going to have racked up a full spanking.


He returned to his chair, once again.  A sense of panic started to rise up in me, what if I actually couldn’t shut myself up?   We could be here for hours.  I didn’t want to be standing in a corner, clearly in disgrace.  Rightfully in disgrace, I acknowledged, when I thought of the hurtful words I’d said earlier to Thane.  Tears burned in my eyes and a sob bubbled up in my chest.




His voice was gentle now, and the tears flowed faster at his concern.  “Sorry,” I sobbed and I meant it this time.  “I’ll be quiet.”


I could feel him behind me and a moment later, his strong arms slid around my waist. 

“Are you ready to tell me what’s wrong now?” he asked, his chin resting on the top of my shoulder.


“Yes, sir,” I nodded fervently, leaning back against his chest.  And I was. 


He led me to the couch and he made me sit so that he could see my face while we were talking. 


“I’m listening.”


“I want my car,” I moaned.  “I shouldn’t have sold it.”


“Why did you?” Thane asked curiously.


“Couldn’t afford the insurance,” I admitted miserably, wiping at the last few tears that trickled down my cheeks.  “My parents cut me off.”


“Well, it sounds like you made a good decision then.”


Fuck ‘good decisions’.  I wanted my car!


“They can easily afford it,” I complained.  “It’s a drop in the bucket for them.”


“You are the most appallingly spoiled boy I’ve ever met,” said Thane flatly.


“I’m not!” I protested hotly, jumping to my feet.  What an embarrassing insult.


“Sit down,” Thane barked and I dropped back onto the couch like someone had cut my legs off.


“Whose fault were those accidents?”


My eyes widened at the change in his tone.  “Mine, I suppose,” I pouted.


“Suppose?” he questioned relentlessly.


“Mine,” I said more positively.  “But still…” 


He raised an eyebrow and I trailed off.  But then, not wanting him to think I was totally immature said, “It was too much car for me anyway.”


“Too much temptation?”


Relieved he understood I searched his face for some sign that he didn’t really think so badly of me.


He leaned over and kissed my lips softly.  “A very good decision.”


I smiled tentatively, my heart soaring at his praise now.  It Had been a good decision.  But I still wanted my car back.


“So,” Thane settled back onto the couch to look at me again.  “Did I tell you to sell the car, Rob?”


“No,” I answered, confused by his question.


“Then why were you rude to me?”


Because I was an appallingly spoiled boy.  I flushed, really ashamed of what I’d said to him now.  “Sorry,” I offered, my earlier tearfulness returning.  “I didn’t mean it.”


Thane nodded, accepting my apology.   “It’s not a ‘good decision’ to insult your Dom, trying to pick a fight because you’re in a bad mood,” he said quietly, picking up the paddle from the small table beside him. 


“Yes, sir,” I agreed, the skin on my backside beginning to crawl with unhappy anticipation at the sight of the paddle in his hand.


“Take off your pants,” he ordered.


I stood up to undo my belt and fly with shaky fingers.  I folded my jeans and even my underwear and laid them with obsessive neatness on one of the armchairs, hoping to curry any favor I could.  Then I went to him and laid myself across his lap, biting back all the pleas and arguments that wanted to escape.


The small wooden paddle made several stinging circuits over my tightly clenched bottom.  I made my usual undignified responses, crying and yelping before descending into bawling and howling.  Stoicism is over-rated.  Besides there was no one else to witness my carrying on, only him.  And I figured, why hold back on letting him see my regret?


It was soon over, with Thane’s skill it doesn’t really take him long to administer a memorable paddling.  One worthy of ensuring a sub reconsidered the wisdom of the risky practice of Dom-baiting.


As promised he led to the bedroom to lie down, stripping off to join me in his comfortable bed.  When I finally quit crying he wiped my wet face with tissues, giving me some more to blow my stuffy nose.


“Do you really think I’m spoiled?” I asked, propping myself up on my elbow to look at him.


“Yes,” he answered but when he saw me wince, he smiled gently.  “It’s not incurable.  I can give you what you need Rob but I’m not going to coddle you or be manipulated.”


“I know,” I conceded, still flushing a bit.  I’d had a relationship with an older man once, one where he definitely let me have my way in everything but it hadn’t lasted long, both of us unhappy.


“Come on,” he drew me back down again.  “Rest for a while.”


I lay my head on his wide chest and gave a hitching sigh, “Yes, sir.”