Pairing: Ben/Kyle
Implement: Hand
Warning: Nothing alarming this time, I swear. LOL It's just a
silly little story written because I'm always amazed at what some
Brats get away with in stories. Ben doesn't indulge spoiled
Author: Jenny


The music reverberating through the house made Ben wince as he
turned his key in the front door lock. "Kyle!" he shouted
with little effect, his voice swallowed up by the deafening sound.
While there weren't any near-by neighbors to worry about,
Ben's own worn nerves unraveled further at the earsplitting noise.

The expressive lyrics of his partner's favorite punk band, the
aptly named Rancid, made his blood pressure shoot even higher,
"KYLE!" he bellowed. It was an aberration in his lover's
usual good taste that he adored the thumping beat of this type of

Ben rounded the corner to the living room, ready to click off the
offending din but stopped short at the sight that greeted him.
Obviously just back from a run, Kyle was dressed only in shorts, his
muscular chest and back glistening with sweat. Damp t-shirt bunched
in his hands he was dancing, oblivious to Ben's presence, singing
along with the words to the song, Time bomb.

The first thing you learn is in this world you gotta make it on your
Black hat, white coat, Cadillac, the boy's a time bomb

Snatching up the remote, Ben lowered the volume of the stereo and
Kyle turned towards him, startled by his unexpected appearance. The
briefcase in Ben's hand clunked to the floor and swallowing hard,
he reached out to snag his partner's wrist. Pulling him close,
he breathed in his ear, "You're not anymore, you know. I
defused you."

Boldly, Kyle rubbed his groin against Ben, "Defuse this," he

Ben easily turned the young man so his back was against his wide
chest, and cupped his growing hardness possessively in his hand.
"I will. Later," he growled.

"Later?" Kyle questioned teasingly. "What's wrong
with now?" He could feel Ben's own hardening cock against
his bottom and he pressed back against it enticingly.

Sighing, Ben kissed the back of his damp neck, "Sorry,
sweetheart. I've got a few hours to put in first. I have a late
meeting tonight."

"You've got a meeting tonight?" Kyle wriggled out of his
Dom's arms to stand a distance away.

"Yes," answered Ben. "It's an important client, this
was the only time he could meet me and I have some prep work I need
to do beforehand."

The tragic look on his sub's face prompted him to protest,
"Kyle, you know this is the first time in weeks that I've had
to work at night. It's you that's been bringing work home
lately. I'm sure you could do with an evening to just relax."

His reasoned argument fell on deaf ears, the wounded pout already
forming on Kyle's full lips and he said with deliberate
insolence, "Screw that. I'm going out."

Ben's eyes widened at Kyle's blatant lack of respect, "Do
you speak me to that way?" he asked sternly.

Kyle's daring didn't extend very far and he squirmed under
his Dom's scrutiny, "No, sir, he said uncertainly. Never
really wanting to go clubbing in the first place, Kyle's
resentment still stirred. Well used to his partner's unwavering
attention the past few weeks, Ben's refusal to cater to him
tonight, made him decidedly angry and he skated on thin ice, his
heart in his mouth, "But what do you care if I go out?"

"I care very much, Kyle," said Ben, frowning at his sub's
attitude. "Neither of us goes to clubs and bars alone. If you
want to call one of your friends to meet you, that's

That wasn't what he wanted at all, thought Kyle in dismay, he
wanted Ben to cancel his meeting and spend the evening with
him. "No, I want `you' to come with me," he said

"Kyle, what did I just say? I have a meeting tonight," said
Ben, confused by his sub's unreasonable stance.

"It's not fair!" His temper flaring, Kyle hurled the
shirt in his hands across the room. It caught the edge of a picture
sitting on a low table, sending it clattering to the floor.

Watching his lover morph into a petulant child, Ben's lips
pressed together in a grim line, he had little tolerance for such
immature acting out. Reaching out he caught Kyle's arm to pull
him closer, the other hand immediately coming down hard on his
thinly clothed backside. Caught by surprise by the unanticipated
discipline, Kyle cried out at the sudden sharp pain as Ben's palm
connected with his slightly damp bottom. He tucked his hips forward
in an attempt to lessen the sting but Ben drew him against his side,
bending him over his hip. A dozen swats from Ben's strong arm
were all that it took for Kyle to sincerely regret his fit of temper.

Ben turned Kyle to face him, gripping his shoulders firmly in his
hands, "That's enough of that."

His tear-filled eyes locked in the stern gaze of his unhappy Dom,
Kyle nodded and answered quickly, "Yes, sir."

Ben pulled him into a strong embrace, one hand moving down to gently
stroke his tingling bottom. At his loving touch, Kyle started to
cry quietly, "I'm sorry."

"What was that all about?" demanded Ben. "That's not
like you at all, Kyle."

"I don't know," whispered Kyle, completely mortified by
his own behavior.

When no explanation was forthcoming, Ben just held his tearful
partner for a few moments until he was quiet. "Come shower with
me," he invited Kyle, hoping that it would be enough contact to
soothe his need for attention.

His good humor somewhat restored by showering with Ben, Kyle dressed
and went to the kitchen. While Ben spread his papers out on the
large coffee table, he cooked supper and they ate together in the
kitchen, chatting easily about their respective days.

After their meal, Ben settled on the couch in the living room to
pour over the details of his proposal. With the best of intentions,
Kyle sat in the armchair to read the latest issue of the Economist,
forgetting the dry magazine produced almost instantaneous boredom.
His gaze kept wandering over to where Ben sat, those intense blue
eyes riveted on his papers. Bored and restless, he idly admired the
way Ben's solid shoulders bulged under his tight t-shirt. Good
intentions and common sense fled in the path of increasing tedium
and desire as he thought of ways to divert his partner. Realizing
that he needed stronger ammunition, Kyle retreated to their bedroom
for a change in clothing.

"Kyle? `What' are you wearing?"

Turning to show off the very brief leather shorts he was modeling,
to all vantage points, Kyle answered, obviously hurt, "Don't
you remember? You bought me these for my birthday."

"Yes, of course I remember, sweetheart. But why are you wearing
them now? We aren't going out."

Kyle hastily assured him, "I know, I just thought I should try
them on to see if they still fit. I think I'm getting fat."
His face wore a patent look of worry.

"Fat?" snorted Ben. "You're hardly fat, Kyle. Those
shorts fit you perfectly. Just like the day I bought them."

"Do you really think so?" asked Kyle with false anxiety,
looking over his shoulder at his leather-encased bottom.

"Yes, I do," Ben reassured him. "'But you'd better
go change now. It would be a shame if you couldn't find them the
next time we went to play."

Not sure if that was a thinly veiled threat that the shorts were in
danger of being confiscated, Kyle decided that perhaps his acting
skills weren't all that he hoped and went to change. Well, Ben
couldn't appropriate anything if he was naked, he thought
gleefully as he donned a short robe.

Totally focused on his objective now, Kyle forgot the earlier
discipline and Ben's real need to concentrate. Arranging himself
in the chair, Kyle let the robe fall open, exposing his assets
tastefully. He waited impatiently for Ben to abandon his work and
rush to more exciting pursuits but every time he glanced at his Dom,
he was fully engrossed in his papers. Sighing plaintively he
shifted and turned, letting his appealing bare bottom come into view.

"Kyle, don't you think you'd be more comfortable in the
front room?" Ben asked mildly, not looking up from his papers.

"Oh, no, I'm good here," insisted Kyle.

"Uh-huh," said Ben dubiously but he didn't say anything
further. Frustrated by Ben's lack of interest, Kyle went to the
kitchen, returning to his seat with a glass of Coke with ice.
Upping the ante, he fished an ice cube from his drink, sucking
provocatively on a large piece before rubbing it over his chest,
circling his nipples before letting it slide down his taut stomach.

"Kyle, come here."

His lips twitching into a self-satisfied smile at his victory, Kyle
sauntered over to Ben's side. Seeing that smug little shake of
his lover's hips, Ben acted decisively. He reached out to take
Kyle's hand in his, "Kyle, you know how much I love you."
He waited for his partner's happy nod and then continued,
"But I'm afraid that you, my pushy little sub, are getting a
bit spoiled."

Kyle's face fell in astonishment and he sputtered,
"Spoiled?" The embarrassment of the childish word alone was
enough to make him squirm uncomfortably.

"Yes, spoiled," said Ben firmly. "You are the center of
my universe; sweetheart but I still need to do my job."

Kyle flushed guiltily, recognizing too late how selfish he'd been
in trying to draw Ben away from his very necessary work. "I'm
sorry. I'll go and read in the other room now so you can

"Oh, you lost that option," said Ben, effortlessly drawing
Kyle over his knees.

This wasn't the attention Kyle had been anticipating at all and
he squirmed to get free, "Ben! Sir! I'm sorry," he yelped
in panic. "I'll leave you alone. You don't have to spank

"Oh, I do," Ben assured him calmly. "It's a
guaranteed cure for being spoiled."

Ben raised the edge of the robe, uncovering the rounded bottom of
his partner. Placing his palm on the curve of one cheek, he said
quietly, "I won't put up with manipulation, Kyle." He
brought his hand down hard, the resounding smack of his palm landing
on firm flesh, loud in the quiet room. Spanking until Kyle started
to twist and plead; he thoroughly reddened the smooth skin. When he
finished he lifted Kyle to hold him close against his chest, sobbing
out his misery.

Knowing he'd lost his chance for anything pleasurable later, as
Ben never mixed discipline and play, Kyle sobbed harder. "I
didn't mean to…It's not fair," he cried into
Ben's chest.

"Do you think it's fair that I had to try and work with you
distracting me?" asked Ben evenly, cuddling his partner closer.

"It didn't work, anyway. You weren't the least bit
interested," wept Kyle, mortally offended at his failure to
seduce Ben.

Ben chuckled, "Oh, I was interested all right but there's a
time for work and a time for play, Kyle. Which you know as well as
I do."

I just wanted your attention."

"Which I gave you," Ben pointed out.

"Not that kind of attention," Kyle complained tearfully.

"You got exactly the attention you needed and deserved," Ben
said firmly, not feeling the least bit guilty.

"I know," Kyle sniffed. "I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to make you angry."

"I'm not angry, Kyle but I'm not going to be manipulated
either. I love you but that doesn't do either one of us any
good." He felt the small nod of agreement against his chest and
he bent to kiss Kyle's hair affectionately. "Why don't you
lie down on the couch beside me for awhile? Later I can read my
proposal to you."

"You already punished me," moaned Kyle.

Ben laughed ruefully. "You're right but I'm a cruel,
cruel man."

"You are,' Kyle agreed solemnly before cracking the faintest
hint of a smile. He lifted his face in invitation and sighed with
pleasure when Ben kissed him gently. Curling up on the couch he
rested his head on Ben's firm thigh, an occasional sniffle
escaping to remind his Dom of his remorse.

Finally, Ben nudged him and he sat up, wincing when his sore bottom
made contact with the leather couch. Choosing instead, to kneel
beside the couch, he listened intently to Ben's proposal,
offering a few suggestions to improve it and then watched
sorrowfully as his partner gathered up his papers, tucking them into
his briefcase.

"I'll be back in a couple of hours, Kyle," Ben said, as
he stood up to leave.

"Yes, sir," Kyle said softly, his head down.

Placing his large hand on Kyle's head, he gently tilted his
partner's face upwards; "What's wrong?" questioned

"A sub is supposed to be `submissive' and pleasing, not
selfish and manipulative," Kyle said bitterly, clearly not having
come to terms with his self-centered actions.

Ben sat back down on the couch and drew Kyle against his chest
again, "You're my sub but you're also my partner.
Full-time, 24/7. I won't put up with sulky, manipulative
behavior but you know I don't expect you to be perfectly
submissive all the time."

Kyle looked at him in despair, "But that's what I am, your

"You are so much more than that to me, sweetheart," Ben said
fiercely, squeezing him tight. "I could have a stable of slaves
if absolute submission was all that I was looking for. I love

"Even when I'm a brat?" he asked tentatively.

Ben laughed, "Even then. Although play the spoiled card and
you'll regret it, every time," he warned, patting Kyle's
sore backside gently.

"Yes, sir," he said, blushing, knowing that Ben was serious
despite his teasing manner. He took a deep breath and said
confidently, "You'd better go. You don't want to be

Ben smiled at his sub's brave attempt at indifference, "All
right, sweetheart. I'll be back before you know it. If
you're tired go to bed." He bent and kissed him, his hands
gently stroking Kyle's tear-stained cheeks

"Ben?" said Kyle hesitantly. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Already tired from the emotional release of the spanking, Kyle got
to his feet, picking up his discarded magazine from the chair. If
nothing else the Economist was a guaranteed sleeping aid. Bed
seemed so appealing at that moment and he headed there eagerly,
knowing Ben would be there when he woke.

The End