to the Mason-Dixon Lines
of Sentinel & Original Fan Fiction
The content of these stories depict the
loving, disciplinary relationship between two men.

If stories of this nature offend your sensibilities, or,
if you are under the age of consent for your state, please move on.

Due to the nature of these stories, please do not link withour permission
Fault Lines:  When Blair decides to defend a student, he takes the law into his own hands, angering his "Blessed Protector"
Lines of Communications: Blair's curiosity gets the best of him and he invades Jim's privacy
Between the Lines: Blair & Damien talk about their relationships
Drawing the Lines:  Blair does investigative work on his own
Between the Lines 2 - Summer CorrespondenceBlair & Damien tighten the bonds of friendship
The Lines of Descent: England is an enlightening experience for Blair as he sees Vincent & Damien in their relationship
Sight Lines: Vincent Cade has his first run-in with Damien St. Claire
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